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up- date

Jan. 18th, 2007 | 10:38 pm

I think the gland is going down! doc saw her at 7 tonight and said its gone down slightly so feel so much better was really woried after spending night with her, Dves at hospital tonight in the little bed beside her, I'm off to our big double bed, so tired!

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chaos as per usual

Jan. 16th, 2007 | 01:37 pm
mood: blahblah

I thought I might get chance to write last week one evening but didn't. Today and yesterday Eryn is ill I thought she'd be a bit better today but she isn't and completely freaked me out this morning. She slept in late and when she sat up she had HUGE lumps on the side of her neck i.e. her glands, so rang doctors and expained they squeezed her in even though they had no appointments (they are so good my doctors). It seems she has a really bad case of toncilitus so she has huge dosage of antibiotics and was told if she can't swallow fluid she'll have to go into hospital. I had a an interview and training day yesterday at Sheffield Hallam University and have been taken on as a mentor to students with either aspegers or mental health issues. It's very well paid so I'd only want to do 3 hours a week, so thats something else to do! Had ago at Eryns DLA form again and also started my dads for him no wonder he only got low rate last time blokey from CAB did not fill form in well. I have too much to do, I must go and figure out what I can do at home. I must sell my laptop too after getting the USB ports fixed in the summer they died again in Nov so I can't build my website, I have to buy a new one, I think I'll put this one on ebay.

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Jan. 20th, 2006 | 10:59 pm
mood: restlessrestless

Bugger still trying to find my way round lj I get really impatient learning new computor stuff. Dave just touches the computor and the information is transmitted to his brain it seems. Hes out so I can't nag himm...I think its time to get the baileys out and go next door where Rob louise and Rob are having a battle...on the X box :)

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Jan. 19th, 2006 | 03:18 pm
mood: hungryhungry

I am begining to make birthday plans as it is coming up! A party at our place the question is when? when are people free? It will either have to be the Sat 25th feb or the 18th or even the 17th which is fri. Bearing in mind Tainted should be on the 24th of Feb I won't be able to do that as well as a party on Sat. I know one person can't make 25th. Don't want to do it in March our living room will be plastered in March and velux put in so we will be busy and messy which is nothing new! Also Jonny and Kisa will have moved over here and its Jonny's birthday so no doubt he will do stuff...I will decide soon I really want it on the 25th as its closer to b-day.

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